Algorithmische Spieltheorie (MSc)


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Dix

Niklas Fiekas

Overview of the course (incl. "Multiagentensysteme")

This MSc course is about Decision Making in Multi Agent Systems and is held alternately by Profs. Dix and Müller. We look at decision making mainly from a game-theoretical perspective. The lecture can be roughly divided into four parts:

Foundations, Prof. Müller: In the first two chapters, the agent paradigm is introduced and the notion of intelligent agent is put forward.

Game Theory, Prof. Dix: The third chapter introduces complete information games and the foundations of classical game theory by various notions of equilibria.

MAS and Programming, Prof. Müller: In Chapters 4 and 5 we look at the foundations of Multiagent systems and how to program them using the BDI framework.

Coalitions and decision making, Prof. Dix: Chapter 6 considers the problem of how tasks are allocated and how coalitions are forming. While agents are essentially self interested, a MAS needs to collectively take decisions and therefore needs protocols to do so. We therefore introduce decisions based on social choice and ranking systems (Chapter 7)).