Projekt im Bachelor (BSc)

Bachelor project (Projekt im Bachelor, ehem. Fortgeschrittenenprojekt) (BSc)

Multi-Agent Programming

The goal of the project is for small groups of two students each to use concepts, methods, techniques and tools from agent-oriented software engineering (AOSE) to solve a complex problem. The student(s) will develop a team of agents for the current scenario of the Multi-Agent Programming Contest (MAPC) in order to learn about and evaluate a chosen agent programming language (APL).

The project starts with a brief introduction to agent programming in general, some of the available tools, the MAPC and its current scenario (i.e. the game that is played). The slides for the introduction to the contest and the scenario can be found here.


  • Getting started: Install and setup requirements & connect agents
  • Agents exploring their environment
  • Single agents achieve their goals
  • Agents share knowledge and coordinate
  • Agents coordinate to achieve a shared goal

Deliverables/project outcome

  • Agent code
  • Thorough documentation
  • Interim report(s)
  • Final presentation
    • Including matches against other students

After the project

The students may be able to participate (out of competition) in the next MAPC