Seminar (MSc) / Proseminar (BSc)


EvaSys Evaluation

Seminar (MSc)/Proseminar (BSc)

First Meeting: announced via Stud.IP

In this pro/seminar we treat selected topics related to Artificial Intelligence in general and Agent Systems in particular.  

We provide no particular topics. Each student may select their own topic which only has to be related to Agent Systems or AI in general.

These topics are discussed at the first meeting to ensure suitability and avoid conflicts.

In the first two weeks, the students' topics are finalized and suitable literature is compiled.

For the remainder of the course, the students will work independently, in agreement with their assigend advisor.

There will be obligatory meetings at the end of the lecture period at which each student has to give a short talk about the work. Moreover, at the end of the term, each student has to prepare a paper about the selected topic.

Proseminar: ~20min talk (+10min questions) + ~15 pages

Seminar: ~45min talk (+15min questions) + ~25 pages


Please register with the Stud.IP System: Proseminar/Hauptseminar: Ausgewählte Themen über Agentensysteme. 


In order to take part in the seminar, everyone must have attended the introductory seminar "Wissenschaftliche Arbeitstechniken für Seminare". For additional information, please have a look at the schedule of lectures.