We frequently organize oberseminar meetings. They provide an excellent environment to learn about research done in Clausthal. They give opportunities to share ideas and to come up with possible joint projects. Moreover, they offer students the possibility to get in touch with late-breaking research. We heartily welcome students and interested colleagues with related interests!

About the seminar

The scope of the seminar includes (and is not limited to) the following topics:

  • logics
  • multi-agent systems
  • formal methods
  • security and trust
  • safety and reliability
  • agent systems and agent programming
  • game theory
  • verification and model checking
  • databases and informtation systems

We also organize joint sessions

  • Computational Intelligence (Prof. Dix)
  • Databases and Information Systems (Prof. Hartmann)
  • Mobile and Enterprise Computing (Prof. Müller)

Organization and contact

The seminar is organized by Tobias Ahlbrecht. For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact him. Usually, the seminar takes place in Seminarraum 210 located at Am Regenbogen 15.


Michael Koester (24.2.2011)